The most important shot in golf is the next one.

- Ben Hogan

General Golf Tips on How To Improve Your Golf Game

Unlike hockey, football, or any other intense physical sport, golf is quite the opposite. Golf is more like chess. The thinking behind calculating the next golf shot is like calculating the next chess move, which could be intense.

In addition, the golf shot should be as effortless as moving the chess piece. The movement of the swing should feel free without any restrictions; thus, as the saying goes, let the club do the work. The bottom line is that the less effort put into the swing, the better the result

Grip: Grip It And Rip It

The golf club is an instrument that requires proper handling. Therefore, it is vital to establish a good grip, especially when just starting to play. Proper grip leads to better ball striking and advanced ball control.

Grip Styles

Grip Sizes


Every Shot Counts

A statistical approach to the game adopted by PGA Tour - a masterpiece by Columbia University Professor

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The Golfer's Mind

Addressing the mental part of the game for building confidence and overall strength around every shot

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Outliers: The Story of Success

A stunning book looking at success from different angles and stories and addressing 10,000 hour rule

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Don't Forget Always To Smile And Have Fun!